Welcome to my portfolio website,

I am Stijn van Deijzen, a Dutch Game Developer with a big interest in Virtual Reality. I graduated from the University of the Arts Utrecht in 2023. You can find me on LinkedIn to check my current occupation, email me via stijnvandeijzen@gmail.com and find my CV here

Main Skills (Most experienced)

Unity, C#, Virtual Reality, Git.

Secondary Skills (Some experience)

Python, HTML, CSS, Java, Javascript, PHP, SQL

My work
Active Esports Arena

An full body active VR multiplayer game, internship and contract at PWXR

Learning C++ with Advent of Code 2022

I learned C++ with Advent of Code 2022 and completed 38 Stars

4D Puzzle game

A mindbreaking puzzle game in the fourth dimension

Ramen 4 Robots

A fast paced VR rollerskating game with gameplay centered around physical movement


A local-multiplayer Dungeon Mini Royale, for Ronimo Games

No Brakes!

A crazy VR biking game through a wacky world

Headless Giant

An asynchronous coöperative VR game, work together to defend your castle as a headless giant who cannot see.